Photo supplied by Mayor Nancy Peckford's camera, and taken under her great guidance

by Scott Godwin

As of Friday, April 24, Geronimo Coffee House is open for business. When we arrived in town, we coasted in on a daydream and hoped hard work and the unwavering support of this community would cultivate the vision we had. Worst case scenario didn’t really include a global pandemic. After weeks of deliberation and planning, and determining what we could do to operate safely, we realized time isn’t on the side of any small business right now, more importantly the ones here in North Grenville. With that in mind, we have worked with Public Health and have done our best to create an environment where we hope everyone feels welcome and safe. This has been a rocky road, but Luc and I have no regrets. We belong here, and we want this to work.

This café belongs to the town, we just operate it. We promise to keep everyone’s health and safety our top priority; but, maybe more than that, we want to be a shelter from the storm. We’re all in this together and, honestly, our doors would not have opened if we had not received the welcome we have and the support we continue to get from fellow businesses, council and the community.

If you need to stay home right now, please do. If you are able to safely leave home and grab a coffee, a bite to eat, or even just a few moments of conversation….we’re here, standing strong now with the other business on Kemptville’s main street who lead the way throughout all of this. Thank you to everyone who has come out so far; and for those who need to give it a little more time, we can’t wait to see you when you are ready.


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