A pancake breakfast is being held in Winchester on Saturday from 9 am to 11 am in support of Naomi’s Family Resource Centre. The breakfast is being held at the Joel Steele Community Centre at 577 Main Street West, and there will be pancakes, sausage, fruit, juice and coffee available for just $5 for anyone over 3 years of age. Those under that low age bracket eat free.

Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, family violence is a terrible fact of life in our communities. Statistics may vary from place to place, but the incidence of abuse is deeply disturbing and no-one can minimise the traumatic effect it has, not just on the immediate victims, women and children primarily, but on later generations, who suffer from the effects of violence on their parents.

Naomi’s Family Resource Centre, located in Winchester, opened on February 2, 1987, providing emergency shelter, safety and support to abused women with or without children. It is a shelter for women in need and provides confidential, safe and secure emergency shelter for women with or without children who have been physically, emotionally, sexually or financially threatened or harassed in the Stormont, Glengarry and Dundas Counties of Ontario Canada.

They also offer informal counselling and 24-hour crisis line for Eastern Ontario. It was opened after a government-funded needs assessment report indicated that there was “a serious need for services” in the area.

While it is recognised that men, too, can be victims of domestic abuse, it is far more likely to be women and children who are the ones who suffer most from this treatment. In either case, there is a need for counselling, support and whatever other help may be needed in each situation, and Naomi’s Family Resource Centre is on the front lines of this through their location in Winchester. There is no point in using clichés here: go and have breakfast in Winchester this Saturday and show your support for the work being done, and your abhorrence of the treatment that makes it so necessary.


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