The month of November has become synonymous with male facial hair. Recognized internationally as a fund raiser to support research into many male related cancers, the month long initiative serves to raise public awareness and is a visual reminder for men to get regular checkups to ensure good health.

The staff of Fulford Preparatory is always looking for opportunities to encourage the development of organizational and leadership skills, and ways to integrate their students into the Merrickville community. A challenge to raise funds for “Movember” seemed to be an excellent fit.  Fourteen highly motivated students worked with Julie Lotfallah and Maggie Smith to form a team. They worked on marketing ideas and public relations; a treasurer supplied regular progress reports. As many of the students had never heard of “Movember,” the group had to be educated as well.

Incentives were established to encourage Fulford Preparatory students to donate. A $2 donation bought a “tie free” day; spare change given in the cafeteria kept the Movember team from serenading students before lunch dismissal. Community bake sales were organized and local store owners allowed collection tins to be placed near their cash registers.

To acknowledge specific financial milestones, a number of novel initiatives were set: staff brought their pets to school for a day; teachers wore uniforms while students enjoyed a casual day; and on another occasion, teachers wore the cultural dress from students’ home countries. Upon reaching the goal of $1000, two team members, Omani students, Yazeed and Ali, agreed to have their heads shaved in front of the school, by teachers.

After a month of tireless work, students surpassed their target, raising a total of $1700. Quite an accomplishment for a school with an enrolment of 44. The Movember Team included students from China, Japan, Mexico and Oman.

The staff and students of Fulford Preparatory would like to thank the Merrickville community for assisting them in reaching their goal. A lot of memories were made while assisting a worthwhile cause.


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