L-R: Liz Dwyer, Nancy Olive, Patricia Evans, Darren Boyd, Kathy Moss and Jessica Ainsworth

by Jude Fader-Levere

The Annual AGM of Friends was held virtually on April 22 and May 6, 2021.

Marguerite Boyer, co-owner and publisher of The North Grenville Times, was presented with an Honorary Lifetime Membership for her provision of free publication services in The Times. She has supported Friends of the North Grenville Public Library by her coverage of our many events. In doing so, she has helped us establish a close connection with the community.

Our annual newsletter is assembled by Maggie. All the past year’s events are highlighted in the newsletter with articles and photos. She works with a member of the Friends Executive to plan the layout. In the past, Pat Babin assisted and last year Jeff Murray assisted. Our membership and the community look forward to this detailed and informative annual newsletter.

Our Annual Star of the Library award was designed by Maggie, as was our logo. She has created many attractive certificates and posters for Friends events.

Maggie is a worthy recipient and exemplifies the qualities of outstanding community service. We appreciate the generous support that she has given Friends throughout the years.

The Star of the Library award was presented to the Library Staff: Patricia Evans, Patsy Brooks, Sue Bergeron, Linda Purvis-Carriveau, Nancy Olive, Liz Dwyer, Sierra Jones-Martel, Jessica Ainsworth, Darren Boyd, Kathy Moss, and Rachel Brown, CEO. Their dedicated service during the COVID-19 pandemic helped the community cope.

Despite mandated closures and reduced hours, overall circulation was 75% of what it was the previous year. Staff filled 1,357 curbside orders and produced 116 original videos which were posted on the Library’s Facebook page and received 30,000 views. The children’s programmer produced 325 craft kits for pickup and hosted 25 safe park events. The French Library Services Coordinator delivered 1,559 books to the French Public School. Staff provided online and outdoor activities whenever possible.

Our library continued to serve us well despite imposed limitations and lockdowns. We appreciate their outstanding service to our community during the pandemic and applaud them for a job well done.

In the future, Friends will establish a Junior Membership for those who are under the age of 18. Junior Friends will serve as ambassadors and engage in age-appropriate activities in support of the library.

Friends recognized the Founders who established our chapter of Friends of the Library: Pat Babin, Barb McDerby, Maureen McCleery, Jean Kilfoyle, Fran Thompson and Mary Smith. Each person received a Founder’s certificate which granted a Lifetime Membership in Friends.

The AGM concluded with Library Sue (Bergeron) reading a bedtime story entitled Dr. de Soto by William Steig.


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