Grand Master, John C. Green, has asked Ontario’s Lodges to open their doors to the public on Saturday, June 3, 2017. In this way we would hope to have an opportunity to show where we meet and the interesting furnishings of a Masonic Lodge. Each part of the contents of the Lodge room are used in our rituals.

The entry door is referred to as the “West” and is occupied by the Senior Warden. The opposite end is “East” and is occupied by the Worshipful Master. On the left, “North’” we have the Chaplain and on the right, “South,” the Junior Warden. A second door in the east is reserved for receiving the candidates for our degrees. The centre of a Lodge room contains the Altar (which holds the Volume of the Sacred Law, Square and Compasses), kneeling stool or cushion and three large candlesticks and candles. At the four corners of the room are four hanging tassels to remind all Masons of the four cardinal virtues. Officers have specific titles, duties and working tools associated with them. One of the Lodge room walls will hold and display the Lodge’s Warrant—its authority from Grand Lodge to meet.

In Ontario all our meetings are open to members of our Lodges and those from outside Jurisdictions who are in good standing. It is one of the reasons we issue “dues cards” when members pay their annual dues—to show that they are in good standing. In our three-degree system (Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason) junior Masons are excluded from attending degrees until they have received them “in proper form.”
Our local Lodge will be open to the public on June 3. The Lodge’s Worshipful Master and his officers and members would be very pleased to meet with you and to explain items of interest in the Lodge room.


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