Food! Food! Food!


By Connie Lamble

I have observed that jokes are the funniest when they hit close to home. I recently read a particularly funny one on Facebook “The buttons on my jeans appear to be social distancing from one another.”

With so much time at home, cooking has become a favourite pastime for our family. Although yes, it does seem to be a universal custom to celebrate special occasions with food, this year at Easter, in four days we prepared and consumed a ham AND a turkey AND a full-on brunch; normally it would be only one of those three.

Last week, my 15-year-old daughter, Stella, had a great idea to spice up our food lives: an International Cuisine cook-off! (Aside from eating too much, we have also been watching too many cooking shows!)

Stella started the week off with Enchiladas and Spanish rice – she even made home-made corn tortillas for the enchiladas. This would prove hard to compete with. My Mom, Winnie, (who luckily lives in the same house in the event you were wondering about distancing) followed up with a family favourite that we dubbed “Canadian”, hamburger mixed with Velveta, baked in crusty bread, served with garden salad, yum! My contribution was Italian: pasta with Alfredo sauce, prosciuto and baby green peas, served with asparagus and garlic bread. My husband, Ross, went German with Wiener Schnitzel accompanied with beets cooked in balsamic vinegar and mashed potatoes with gravy. My son, Eric, will be closing out the week tonight with American: Pogos, fries and coleslaw – all homemade (except the wieners in the Pogos.)


We are planning to repeat our International Cuisine cook off next week, but with a new twist – the recipes have to come from the Weight Watchers cookbooks!


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