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The North Grenville Historical Society has teamed up with Eleuthville media to produce a series of four short videos on historic places around the municipality. Titled “5 minutes in North Grenville”, the series was written and narrated by Dr. David Shanahan, Historian with the NGHS, and filmed by D’von Wallace, owner of Eleuthville Media.

“The idea behind the series”, says David, “is to give people, visitors and residents alike, a quick look at some of the places and stories that have given the community its heritage stories. There are so many fascinating places, and stories, in the history of North Grenville, and this series of videos allows people to get a quick glimpse into that heritage”.

To date, the series has covered places like Maplewood School in Oxford Mills, Beckett’s Landing on the Rideau, the General Store in Heckston, and the site of the Clothier Inn in Kemptville. The videos were shown at a meeting of the NGHS recently, and received a great response. It is planned to have copies of the films available in the NG Public Library, and through the NGHS.

A second series of videos is being worked on currently, some of which will be in a longer format to cover the depth of information available on topics such as the history of railways in North Grenville.

The first series can be viewed on the Eleuthville Media website at:


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