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November is Financial Literacy Month and this year’s theme is “Invest in your financial well-being”. The goal of Financial Literacy Month is to encourage Canadians to take control of their finances and reduce financial stress. Money Matters, ABC Life Literacy Canada’s suite of money management workshops and tools are designed to do exactly that. Developed with the support of founding sponsor TD Bank Group, Money Matters is a free introductory financial literacy program for adults that helps learners take control of their finances and make smarter decisions about spending and saving.

Survey after survey has found that Canadians are stressed about money. Forty-two per cent rank money as their greatest stress according to a national survey conducted by Leger on behalf of Financial Planning Standards council. Fifty-three per cent are worried about their financial future according to a survey of Canadian workers conducted by Willis Towers Watson. Financial stress and ability to effectively manage finances can lead to health and workplace problems and can even affect your relationships.

“At ABC Life Literacy our goal is to help Canadians increase their confidence and literacy skills in order to be fully engaged at work, in the community and at home.” said ABC Life Literacy Canada Executive Director Mack Rogers. “During Financial Literacy Month we put an emphasis on our Money Mattersprogram, however our financial workshops are in demand year-round. Whether you are saving for a home, arranging for your children’s education, trying to build your credit or planning your retirement, it is essential to have the skills and confidence to navigate the financial world in a way that minimizes the stress it can cause.”

Canadians are eager to improve their financial literacy as the number of Money Matters workshops can attest. Since the beginning of the program in 2011, over 1,530 workshops have been delivered across Canada reaching more than 23,600 learners. There are also the myriad number of people who have taken advantage of learning on their own using the self-directed platform that was launched last year.

The extensive reach of Money Matters can be attributed to the adaptation of the program’s workshops and resources to best reach diverse audiences. Money Matters for newcomers and new Canadians, Indigenous Peoples and post-secondary students as well as the availability of the programs in English, French, Arabic and most recently in Simplified Chinese have provided the opportunity for the program to reach learners in each province and territory.

During November’s Financial Literacy Month, Money Matters workshops will be taking place across the country as Canadians invest in themselves by taking control of their finances to create a better future for themselves and their families.

To find out more about Money Matters, to sign up to host a workshop in your community, or to access free resources, visit

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