Ferguson Forest Centre

At their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on January 22, 2019, the Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation elected the following new volunteer Board of Directors:

Carl Cannon, Carl Doucette, Rose Fleguel, Dustin Hall, Sally Hamilton, Wes Herring, Dagmar McCord, Andre Rancourt, and John Wilson.

In addition, there are two non-elected board members: John Barclay – North Grenville municipal council representative; and Ed Patchell – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation.

The following corporate officers were elected at a regular board meeting held on January 24, 2019:
Carl Doucette – President
Wes Herring – Vice President
Carl Cannon – Vice President
Ed Patchell – Secretary and Treasurer

The not-for-profit Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation was created in November 2000. Through its volunteer board of directors, it provides direction and sets policy for the Ferguson Forest Centre.

The Ferguson Forest Centre consists of the Ferguson Tree Nursery, Veteran’s Way Memorial Park, the Arboretum, Anniversary Park, Kinderwood and many nature trails that are found throughout the forested lands.

The Ferguson Tree Nursery is self-sustaining and all nursery revenues beyond expenses are re-invested into the Ferguson Forest Centre and its associated capital needs and activities.

The centre supports numerous organizations and community services, including the Friends of the Ferguson Forest Centre, the Giving Garden and the Ferguson Forest Dog Park.

As noted by President Carl Doucette at the January AGM, the recently completed 2018 audited financial statements indicate the tree nursery to be operating at a surplus; however, there are many current challenges to overcome, including: changing market demands, climate change, aging infrastructure, government decisions on the funding of re-forestation and the availability of seasonal workers, amongst others. The board and the CEO will continue to work hard to address these challenges and any others that may arise.




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