With the extreme weather conditions hopefully behind us, it is time  to concentrate on the job at hand – the raising of the newcomers into the world. Two of our nesting boxes are occupied at the moment, and both sets of parents are busy catching bugs and grubs to feed their new broods. In the one, a pair of House Wrens are flitting to and fro, busily, and still somewhat noisily, as they answer the call of a hungry brood.

Not too far away from them, a pair of Bluebirds are doing the same thing, without drawing too much attention to themselves and the location of their nestlings. The female, with a full beak, will land on one of the nearby nesting boxes and will look all around her, for quite a while, before making the quick flight directly into the entrance of her chosen nesting spot. Once she has fed her offspring, she quickly leaves and goes off seeking more food, whilst the male might arrive to help her out. He will use another approach and zips in from very low down, having taken a devious route through the neighbour’s trees in an effort to disguise his destination. He is less obvious then she is and doesn’t seem to take such a big part in the feeding operation as she does! Of course, most of you ladies are probably saying right now,-  what’s new about that!?

My picture is of her just leaving her adjacent nesting box perch, on her direct flight to her own nesting box entrance hole, with a grub in her beak, which will soon be disappearing down one of her hungry young’s throats!

Hopefully, some of you are also witnessing the present activities of our feathered friends, but remember, as well as enjoying them, don’t forget to stay safe and well.

John Baldwin



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