Photo provided by Mike & Ness Photography

One of the highlights (pun definitely intended!) of the Music in the Park event last week was the sight of four enormous hot air balloons being launched from Riverside Park. Standing beside the balloons as they were being inflated and their baskets filled by excited travellers, it was quite intimidating to feel the heat from the propane jets, and watch the balloon rising high above us into the early evening air.

The North Grenville Times sponsored two tickets for the balloon rides, and one of the winners was Tanya Deans. She gave her ticket to her son Michael, so he could have this wonderful experience. But, being at the right place at the right time, there was an extra spot available and Tanya was able to join Michael on the flight. Thanks to Kemptville Live for providing the Music in the Park as a gift to the community, and to organiser, Herb Cloutier, and all his volunteers, for a wonderful event. Science show, music, stalls, and the hot air balloons made for a successful first version of the event, and proved a great lead-in to the Kemptville Live Festival.


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