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The NG Times Facebook page is a place to go for some interesting discussions of issues and events. This week, one of the popular posts was about the problem of trash littering the community. Lois Wiseman posted her views:

I have a bee in my bonnet about trash thrown on the ground in North Grenville. There are three issues. First, I live next to a Canada Post and newspaper kiosk. It’s at the bottom of Concession Road, just at the entrance to Victoria Park Village. There are so many flyers on the ground. People just let their trash drop and don’t bother to pick it up. I wonder how they would feel if the mess were in their front yard. Come on people, be proud of you neighborhood, and be grown up. Pick up after yourselves.

The second issue is about my neighborhood, too. Someone drives into the development and throws trash out of their car or truck window. There are half full plastic bottles of drinking water, Tims wrappers and cups, and even a medical glove on the ground at the end of my driveway.

Thirdly, is the amount of trash I saw by the side of the road as I did errands today. I saw at least three cardboard cartons by the side of the road. One was on Concession Road. Someone seems to be using the corn field as a dump. The other boxes were scattered around town. If you drive a pick-up, please look to see if you are losing trash out of the back.

North Grenville Times, I wish you would come to Concession Road and photograph the mess and write a story on littering and trash throwing in our town. Someone’s mom didn’t teach them the right thing to do, and community pride seems to be missing.

The North Grenville Times: Tim Horton’s took away their drive through garbage bins because people were dumping their private garbage in them. One employee found a pair of skates in one.

Kyle Richard Bolton: 100% agree. To keep a clean community should be enough for someone to want to keep it clean, but to simply litter the environment bothers me. Clearly it’s a lot to ask someone to recycle, let alone just put your trash in a trash can. Instead of paying for bag tags, I would say it’d be best to work the garbage pick up into the taxes like Ottawa has done. If people think they are getting garbage pick up for “free”, I think you would be less likely to see garbage throw along side the roads…

Nadine Pickard: Idiots. No excuse to throw something out the window. 99% of places ppl drive to have a garbage bin. Use it.

Laurel Frances Lamothe: Agreed. Let’s keep our town tidy and beautiful to enjoy.

Claire Larabie: Sorry but really should be blaming adults they do the most

Willard Irven: Kemptville would benefit from having a centrally located recycling depot.


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