by Helen MacGregor

July 1899, New York City’s largest papers were in trouble. “The newsboys’ strike has grown into a menacing affair,” the managing editor of Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World memoed his boss. “Practically all the boys in New York and adjacent towns have quit selling… The advertisers have abandoned the papers… It is really a very extraordinary demonstration.” This true event inspired first, the 1992 motion picture, and then “Newsies the Musical”, which won several Tony Awards. Featuring the now classic songs “Carrying the Banner”, “Seize the Day” and “Santa Fe”, “Newsies” is packed with nonstop thrills and a timeless message about some hardworking kids in New York City that go on strike for a livable wage.

This Disney-movie-turned-hit-Broadway-musical has something for everyone – acrobatic dancing, heartfelt songs, and a rousing story of underdogs taking on the establishment – all rolled into a feel-good evening of family entertainment. The Dancer 2 crew help bring this wonderful musical to life for you, the audience. You will be inspired by Emily Cooper, Alina Watson, Brayden Broadhurst, Lela Fox-Doran, Mireille Carpentier, Carley Freed, Shannon Geertsema, Rachel Dawson and Rebecca Creasey.

This is an awesome cast, so don’t delay and get your $18 tickets now at Scotiabank, or buy online. Go to for more information. This wonderful musical is coming to our town March 30-April 14 at the Urbandale Arts Centre.


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