Extension to subdivision in Kemptville approved


North Grenville council has approved an extension of draft plan approval for a new urban subdivision in Kemptville’s downtown core. The subdivision, between Jack Street and Joseph Street in Kemptville, is a proposed development consisting of 14 single family detached dwellings on full municipal services. The project received draft plan approval from the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville in 2013 and has since received three extensions. Director of Planning and Development, Phil Gerrard, said the extensions were needed due to the owner’s lack of funding to continue the project.

Director Gerrard says that the property now has a new owner who is interested in moving forward with the project this year. He recommended to council that they approve the extension, as he sees it as a positive development for Kemptville’s downtown. “It is a good project,” he said at the meeting. “It just needed the financial wherewithal to get started.”

Mayor Peckford noted at the meeting that she remembers there being some contention about the development from the community when it was first approved in 2013. She asked whether there would be a chance for further community input, especially since it has been so long since the subdivision first received draft plan approval. “It is important that we balance concerns and consideration of residents, while still taking into consideration what has already be greenlit,” she said.

Director Gerrard said that, while the period for public consultation is over, the final subdivision agreement will be brought to council, at which time the public can be briefed on the finer details of the project.


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