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Submitted by Pam Owen

Millie the mini-reporter here from Big Sky Ranch! I am a pygmy goat, one of the smallest here at the Sanctuary, including some new goats that recently arrived. I came to BSR as one of four orphaned babies last year. I have found a new family filled with love, compassion and true caring spirit! Because I am a Pygmy Goat, I will never grow much larger than when I arrived as a baby. Being the size of a small dog has never slowed me down, I am athletic, love to run, jump, play hide & seek with the people here. Very soon, I will be trying Yoga!

Yes! You read correctly! Goat Yoga has arrived at Big Sky Ranch. My other goat friends will join with me as we welcome hundreds of yoga lovers. BSR is hosting its first ever Goat Yoga Series this June. Every Sunday, two classes will be held in the afternoon. We expect 280 people to join us (the goats) in our enclosure over the month of June. These folks have jumped at the opportunity to practice yoga, outside in the sunshine, surrounded and assisted by charming goats. When the idea surfaced, the word spread quickly and the event is now SOLD OUT! Keep your eyes open for next year, June 2018, for Goat Yoga, tell them Millie sent you!

On another note, I would like to assure all of my younger friends ages 6-13 that Big Sky Ranch Summer camps are returning in July. Camp dates run July 3-7; July 10-14, July 17-24 and July 24-28. Summer camps are held on the 25 acres of Big Sky Ranch Sanctuary on Pelton Road, just off South Gower Drive. Each camp is one week in length from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday –Friday. Youth will learn to build relationships with one another and their animal friends. Learning in a safe, fun-filled environment is exciting (the smiles tell the tale). Camp is wheelchair accessible and open to special needs children.

Little Millie likes to remind everyone that youth learn about the animals and will be responsible for looking after their animal for the week. Animals range from chickens, ducks, donkeys, goats and horses to the more exotic like emus, llamas and mini-horses. Children learn to interact with their environment, and react responsibly with the wider community and problem solve. Some fun activities include water sports, crafts, Amazing Race, pony rides and the thrilling Golden Nugget Treasure Hunt.

To register, go to for the online form and you can call BSR office 613-258-7118 for more info. Millie the mini-reporter here saying Baaaaa for now!


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