left to right: Councillor Deb Wilson, Ted Hsu, M.P.P., Deputy Mayor John Barclay, David Shanahan and Maggie Boyer of the Times, and Jim Beveridge of the B&H.

An unusual gathering took place, quite spontaneously, at the B&H in Kemptville after Buskerfest. In the movie, Casablanca, it said that “Everybody comes to Rick’s”; well in North Grenville, everybody comes to Jim’s. Jim and Judy Beveridge are celebrating sixty (yes, 60) years of the B&H, and there’ll be lots more about that in the coming weeks.

It has always been a place where you can almost guarantee you’ll meet someone you know and spend time catching up on the weather, the world, politics, or the price of eggs. Our photo here shows an usual group, even for the B&H. Christine Milk was in Kemptville to introduce Ted Hsu, the MPP for Kingston and the Islands, to North Grenville and Buskerfest, and where better to get a feel for the community than the B&H?

All at once, it seemed, the spectrum of politics and business was represented in that small group, as Councillor Deb Wilson, co-owner of Grahame’s Bakery, arrived to do some shopping. Deputy Mayor John Barclay was already there doing his job, and Maggie Boyer, co-owner of the Times, was on hand to gather everyone together for a photo-op. Jim Beveridge, as usual, was a quiet, witty, and graceful host to this eclectic bunch.

Yes, sooner or later, everybody comes to Jim’s (and Judy’s), a sixty-year tradition of community.


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