Email mailing lists – worth their weight in gold


from the Economic Development eNews

We’ve all signed up for them at one point or another. Love them or loathe them, mailing lists are here to stay.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing sees a 4300% average return on investment for businesses. It’s a powerful form of communication, and one you can’t afford to miss out on. There are many reasons to build a mailing list. It’s the easiest way to get a message out to your customers quickly.

Studies show 91% of consumers check their email daily, while going days without checking some social media platforms. Mailing lists are also a great way to ensure your customers become repeat customers, bringing regular awareness of a brand they already know and trust.

Mailing lists can come across as more personal than an ad, being able to insert personalized names in your greetings. And most importantly – once you have a mailing list, you own it. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can change frequently, but people remain loyal to their email address far longer than their social media platforms.

Are you convinced? If so, the Digital Service Squads throughout Leeds Grenville can help you begin your mailing list journey. Reach out to your local Digital Service Squad, contact [email protected] or call 613-342-3840, ext. 5361.

Business owner Susie McIntosh, of Susie M’s Hidden Treasures, operates her store of eclectic finds and curios at 200 Sanders Street, Unit 103, in Old Town Kemptville. Among her treasures are china, solid woods, antiques, vintage furniture, unique pieces and collector items. Her motto: “Where selected heirlooms become new treasures.”

Susie McIntosh from Susie M’s Hidden Treasures

Susie wanted to make improvements to her online capabilities and her store’s online presence. She has been working with Julie DeBoer, a member of the North Grenville Digital Service Squad.

“The members of the DSS were very easy to deal with and ensured that my husband and I always had the most current information,” says Susie.”The Digital Main Street grant application and training programs were very easy to access.”

Another business in North Grenville that has been working with the DSS is Wilding Acres, a family run flower farm that specializes in the utilization of sustainable farming techniques to produce hand-tied, seasonal flower bouquets. Wilding Acres is operated by Meagan Warren and her son Jax.

Meagan Warren, owner of Wilding Acres

“My youngest son asked if we could start a business where we grew and sold plants so that when he grew up he could stay home and grow plants with me. I had trouble saying no to that request,” says Meagan. “I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Digital Main Street Program. DSS member Ronnie Quesnel reached out to me within days of my application and was able to answer my questions and help me with getting my digital assets and ideas organized. The knowledge I have gained thus far is truly invaluable and it makes me so optimistic for the future of my business.”


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