Election 2022: Nearly time to decide


Tomorrow, Friday August 19, is the deadline for candidates in the upcoming Municipal and School Board elections to throw their names in the ring. By Monday, August 22, all nominations will be certified and we’ll have a final list of those running for Mayor, for the four Councillor positions in North Grenville, as well as the Trustee positions on the four area School Boards.

As of today, it is confirmed that all members of the current North Grenville Municipal Council are running for re-election, and they will be joined by an as yet unknown number of challengers. In Merrickville-Wolford, there will definitely be a contest for the role of Mayor, and it seems positions on Council will also be contested. A full list of candidates in both municipalities, and for the area School Boards, will be published in next week’s Times.

Those groups or organisations wishing to campaign for or against candidates should acquaint themselves with the rules and requirements governing Third Party advertising. The last day to register in that category is Friday, October 21.

The elections will take place on Monday, October 24, between 10 am and 8 pm. For those wishing to vote on-line or by phone, eligible electors in North Grenville will be mailed a Voter Information Letter beginning in mid-September that will provide voters with a PIN (Personal Identification Number) as well as a website address and a telephone number that will be available for casting ballots between 10 am on October 17 and 8 pm on October 24. Electors will be required to visit the website or phone the telephone number and enter the provided PIN, as well as their date of birth. The system will match the PIN to the date of birth confirming elector identity and the appropriate ballot will then be provided.

Electors in MerrickvilleWolford can expect to receive Individual PINs approximately seven (7) to fourteen (14) days prior to the first voting day. Information about all aspects of the municipal elections can be found on the municipal websites for each municipality, and residents should also make sure their names appear on the official Voters List by logging into voterlookup.ca, where they can confirm or update their electoral information; add an elector name to an address; and change school support.

It is nearly time to decide the make-up of councils and school boards for the next four years. The process begins this weekend, when we’ll know the choices facing us in October.

The Times will continue to publish information as the weeks pass, and there will be an all candidates meeting held, it is hoped, in mid-September. More on that in future issues.


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