Draft Proposed Budget for Catholic School Board


Manager of Finance, Ashley Hutchinson, presented the draft proposed budget for 2020-2021 to the Board of Trustees of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario [CDSBEO]. The draft budget includes an operating expenditure budget for compliance of $194.3 million, with operating and capital grant revenue estimated at $189.9 and other revenues estimated at $4.4 million, for a total revenue for compliance of $194.3 million. Salaries and benefits are expected to cost the board $147.1 million with other operating expenditures at $35.4 million. The Board has estimated a balance and compliant budget for 2020-2021.

“To begin our evening with some very positive news, we are projecting an enrolment increase of 121 FTE or 1 per cent for the 2020-2021 school year, mainly in the secondary panel,” began the Manager. “At this time our projections are showing that our elementary enrolment is status quo when compared to 2019-2020. In a normal year, we would expect to see the JK/ SK numbers rise as we approach startup, but there is a lot of uncertainty at this time with the COVID19 situation and how that will impact our JK/SK registrations.”

Average class size funding remained consistent in the elementary panel, however, in the secondary panel, there was a reduction in the average class size from 28:1 to 23:1, which is reflected in various grant revenue provided in the Grants for Student Needs (GSNs).

“Currently, enrolment growth, as well as the change in funding at the secondary level for class sizes has contributed to changes to teaching staff positions. The proposed budget for 2020-21 includes an increase of 33 FTE,” noted Ashley Hutchinson.

Overall, the draft operating budget for 2020-2021 reports a balanced budget with a small surplus of $7,000.

Management continues to review the 2020-2021 budget leading up to final budget approval. All expenditure areas will be carefully reviewed for efficiencies and to ensure excellence in Catholic program delivery for students across Eastern Ontario. The budget will be brought back to the Board on July 7, for final review and approval.


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