Dozens of cats and kittens need adopting


An area cat rescue is experiencing a slowdown in adoptions, and is hoping that more loving people will step up to welcome a new member to the family. The Spencerville TNR Cat Rescue was formed in October of 2017. “TNR” stands for “trap, neuter, and return/rehome”. Since opening, the rescue has successfully sterilized over 4,000 cats. Spencerville TNR Founder and Director, Cindy Cere, provided more information on the goals of the Rescue, and the strategies they use to meet them.

“Our main focus is to vet and sterilize barn cat colonies and stray cat colonies,” said Cindy. “When the cats are fixed, they are less likely to roam, spray, and fight, and they won’t be reproducing outside and contributing to the overpopulation of homeless cats. We will take in kittens, and cats that are too sick or old to return outside. We sometimes will relocate a colony, but that isn’t desirable, because it creates a vacuum effect and more unitized cats move into the area.”

Cats from Spencerville TNR Cat Rescue enjoy a meal in a partnering foster home

The Rescue doesn’t just provide help, it also aims to provide education. One social media post urges those who keep barn cats for mice control to have them spayed or neutered, and make sure to feed them. “Barn cats that are fixed and fed do a much better job of mouse patrol because they don’t wander looking for food or friends,” the post reads.

One major problem the organization is currently facing is that adoptions are slower this year than they have been by this time in previous years. The Rescue is currently caring for 100 cats, 75 of which are kittens. “Everything seems to be a struggle this year, adoptions are down, donations are down, fosters and volunteers are hard to find,” Cindy said. “We are getting by with a small group of dedicated hard-working volunteers. It would be nice though to spread the load of work over a few more backs.”

There are many ways to help. Of course, volunteering is one, but fostering cats who are waiting for adoption into their forever homes is another. All of the Rescue’s cats are currently in foster homes, but, as with volunteering, many hands make light work. The situation is ever changing, as new cats and kittens arrive frequently.

Those who cannot donate their time, or offer the use of their home for fostering, can still provide help in the form of a donation. Cats and kittens can be “sponsored” with monetary donations made online by visiting the Spencerville TNR Cat Rescue Facebook page. Those who want to donate food can purchase Performatrin canned wet kitten food, or Performatrin bagged dry kitten food at Pet Valu in Kemptville. The store will take 10% off when told that it is for the Rescue, and the food can be left at the store for pick up by a Rescue volunteer.

Perhaps one of the purest, most challenging, but also most rewarding ways to help is to adopt a cat or kitten. Cats and kittens available for adoption can be seen on the Spencerville TNR Cat Rescue Facebook page, complete with photos, descriptions, and prices. Visit for more information.


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