From left, Debra Murphy of the Frank Cowan Company, Parks and Recreation Director Mark Guy, and Megan Schooley, Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Ltd. Insurance representative. [Photo by Hilary Thomson]

A generous donation from an Ontario-based insurance company has made it possible to install two new play structures in Riverside Park. The donation is part of the Frank Cowan Company’s Hometown Program, which the company created to celebrate its 90th birthday in 2017. “It’s a grassroots initiative to enhance safety and community improvement,” says Debra Murphy of the Frank Cowan Company. “We wanted to give back to our clients who have given us success.”

North Grenville Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, Mark Guy, heard about the program last year and applied to receive $5,000 for the new park equipment. He says it was an obvious project to choose, because they had to take two older pieces of equipment out last year for safety reasons. The municipality was successful in receiving the full grant, which paid for both new structures. Installation costs were covered by the municipality. “This is exactly the type of project we like to support with our funding,” Debra says.

Mark says the pieces of equipment, which were installed mid-May, have been very well received. The municipality consulted with the Ontario Parenting Connection to choose the type of play structures and to ensure that there is something in the park for kids of all ages. “We are very thankful to be able to work with the Frank Cowan Company [on this project].” Mark says.


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