Dog Owners Unite!


by The Lady with the Three Dogs

While it is only November, it would appear that winter has arrived! Along with the bitter weather comes the endless piles of dog poop along the side of the roads, the end of laneways, on the trails, and the list goes on. As an owner of three dogs, or ‘pet parent’ as some prefer, I’m discouraged to see how thoughtless we can be at times. There is nothing worse than freezing fingers off while picking up after our dogs, but it is our responsibility. It is inconsiderate to everyone to not pick up after our dogs.

We are fortunate to have the Rail Trail, and it is a wonderful place to walk our dogs in the winter. Other folks also use the Rail Trail: cross country skiers, runners, kids and families out for a nice walk. I’m just back after walking the Rail Trail from Concession to Bedell with my dogs. Sadly, I spent most of the walk jumping over, walking around and dodging piles of dog poop. What is wrong with us? Let’s agree to make picking up after our dogs an early New Year resolution. All together now: “I will pick up after my dog/s even though I might freeze my fingers doing so.”



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