Discover healing and connection through BDH Bereavement Support Walking Group


submitted by Sue Walker

In times of loss, finding solace and understanding can make all the difference in the journey of healing. At the Beth Donovan Hospice, we are excited to introduce our upcoming fall Bereavement Support Walking Group, offering a gentle and comforting space for those navigating the path of grief.

Grief can be an isolating experience, but it doesn’t have to be faced alone. Our walking group provides a safe haven for individuals who have lost loved ones, where they can share their stories, connect with others who understand their pain, and take steps toward healing together.

The benefits of our Bereavement Support Walking Group are manifold. Participants can:

– share and connect: engage in open conversations with others who have experienced loss, sharing memories and stories without judgment.

– cultivate healing: physical activity and fresh air can help in reducing stress and anxiety, aiding in the emotional healing process.

– build a support network: forge meaningful relationships with individuals who understand the complexities of grief, providing a network of support beyond the walking sessions.

– rediscover joy: while honouring the memories of their loved ones, participants can also find moments of joy in the present.

We invite anyone in need of companionship and understanding during their bereavement journey to join our walking group. Together, we can take steps towards healing, creating a space where memories are cherished and hearts find comfort. This group will be offered weekly for 8 weeks beginning Wednesday, September 13th. The walk will begin each week at 10:30am sharp, meeting at the North-end Dog Park parking lot in Ferguson Forest, Kemptville. Participants can expect to walk through some of the forest nature trails, followed by a time of gathering with light refreshments and conversation.

To join, learn more or register, please contact Megan Dillenbeck at [email protected] or 613-258-9611 x4. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey – our Bereavement Support Walking Group is here to walk with you, step by step.



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