Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre is excited to announce that we now offer direct billing for all our services. By offering direct billing to your extended healthcare insurance provider, we aim to help you save time and avoid paying out-of-pocket.

How does Direct Billing Work? For many years, dentists have been able to bill your insurance company directly, and now so can Physiotherapists! With your permission, Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre uses the Telus Health Portal and submits your healthcare claim directly to your insurance provider while you receive your treatment. Your claim is adjudicated online and a claim response is issued.

Depending on your Extended Healthcare coverage, there may be a co-payment portion. For example, if your plan covers 80% of the cost of a Physiotherapy treatment, you will pay the outstanding balance of 20% at the end of your treatment. So rather than paying for a full treatment and having to send in your receipt, we can now send your bill electronically so that you don’t have to.

It is important to note that every Extended Healthcare Benefit Plan is unique. Certain policies including group policies may not allow for direct billing and require the patient to submit each statement themselves. We encourage all our patients to call and check with their Extended Healthcare Provides to ensure that they are eligible for direct billing. It should also be noted that all Manulife Plan Members must go online to the Manulife website and activate their Plan Member Secure Site to be to be eligible for direct billing.

So next time you visit us, take advantage of the speed and simplicity of direct billing!


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