by Hayley Bedford

Interior design has always been a passion for Merrickville business owner Kim Forsyth. After graduating from Interior Design at Algonquin College 35 years ago, Kim had her first taste of professional designing while working for the Bay and other stores. But it wasn’t long before her sights were set on bigger projects. After meeting her handyman husband Greg, the pair decided to go into business together, and Design Your Life was born.

Design Your life is a full Interior Design Studio. Greg and Kim can transform any space, from your back yard patio right through to your home. Greg is the renovation expert, while Kim completes the design with colour and flair. Their style and skill have earned them multiple accreditations over the years, including being one of the top 4 Chic Designers in Ottawa Living magazine.

But, while staging furniture, applying window cover ups, providing the right lighting and accessories may seem like a great job, there is far more involved than just sourcing the right piece. Kim explains, “Your personal surroundings are manifested by your inner thoughts. Throughout years of designing the interiors of my clients, I have advised and encouraged people to connect the two”.

I asked Kim about Interior design trends. “Due to people cocooning during COVID, people have been inspired to make the most of their space. Mindful design has become one of our key services, as clients request peaceful spaces that family members can retreat to away from their home office, or, indeed, each other!”

Whilst on the topic of mindfulness, Kim also told the Times, “Studying psychology was an integral part of my degree, anyone can suggest design ideas, but to truly guide and assist individuals, you need to go within”. 

After 24 years together, in business and in life, Kim and Greg challenge you to make a change and “Design Your Life”. For further information, please visit Design Your life on Facebook and Instagram.


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