Deputy Mayor unhappy with lack of meetings


Deputy Mayor Michael Cameron made it known at the council meeting on July 10 that he is not happy with the fact that council has not yet gone back to regular meetings. He admits that when the pandemic first hit in March, he voted to put the Emergency Management Act in place and to meet as a council on an as-needed basis. However, he started asking to go back to regular council meetings about two and a half weeks later, when the province changed its mandate and direction to allow councils to go back to regular meetings. “Other surrounding municipalities had gone back to regular council meetings,” he said. “We should have been doing the same thing.”

Mayor Doug Struthers says that they have been following the plan that council agreed on at the start of the pandemic. “We passed a very good budget which allows staff to do all the things that are needed over the course of the year,” he said. “When anything has needed to be done, we have had a special meeting.”

Mayor Struthers also noted that council has decided to return to their usual meeting schedule as of July 27.


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