Dear friends and neighbours


As many of you know, our daughter Ursa Meyer had a stroke on May 29, which paralyzed her right side and severely affected her speech. As many of you know her and have asked how she is doing, I would like to give you an update.

Ursa has spent the last two months at the Elisabeth Bruyere stroke rehab unit. She has been putting her full effort into her therapy, and has made incredible progress under the guidance of the therapy team. We have watched Ursa learn to take steps again, first with the full physical support of the therapists, then on her own with the support of a walker, and now using a cane independently. She is even working on navigating up and down steps. Every day it seems there is some small improvement: a string of tiny miracles to rejoice at.

Happily, Ursa’s speech came back quickly and she is able to have conversations as before. Her wit and her good humour never left her. She is as Ursa as she ever has been.

Ursa’s right arm, her bowing arm, has regained a small bit of mobility, but still has a ways to go. Ursa’s biggest hope is to regain her ability to play viola, something that she is unable to do on her own right now.

Fortuitously Ursa’s friend, Sara, works for the hospital and she visits Ursa every day and helps her play. Ursa can use her unaffected left hand to work the fingerboard while Sara moves and supports her right arm in
bowing. In this way, Ursa is able to play. With a little bit of help from her friends …

Ursa will be discharged from the hospital soon, though she will be continuing therapy. She will have many months, and even years, of therapy ahead of her as her brain continues to heal and repair itself. This will be long, slow, hard work. Fortunately, Ursa knows how to do long, slow, hard work. She has the discipline; she has the determination. She is up to the task.

The outpouring of support that we have received from you, our community, has been unbelievable. Through your caring and your support you have made this challenge so much easier to navigate. We are so incredibly fortunate. Thank you for being our community.

With gratitude and love,
Glenna Hunter and Marc Meyer


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