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Submitted by Pam Owen

Greetings to all the wonderful readers in North Grenville and beyond! My name is Diesel and I would like to thank everyone for their interest when they first lay eyes on me. I have a rather unique background, as well as my unique looks! People look at me and see an alpaca – look again, and they see a llama! STOP! You are all correct! I am a hybrid, half alpaca and half llama…. All beautiful, with my scattering of spots and dots in three shades of brown on top of a creamy background. Every inch of me looks different.

Usually alpacas and llamas don’t get along so very well, but as the volunteers at Big Sky Ranch like to point out, my parents seem to have got along just fine! My fur pattern is so unusual that it only shows up in one out of every 10,000 animals. That makes me super special: at least I think I am. My coat is so soft to the touch, that people want to touch me. I am good with that, as I like to be petted and groomed.

When Big Sky Ranch attends various community events that we are invited to, I am usually picked to go too. We go to schools, churches, places of worship, museums, festivals, and all sorts of fun events. I am always on my best behaviour and really do enjoy meeting people of all ages. I am gentle and beautiful, folks like to come up for a look and they just have to reach out and touch me. And then, before you know it, we are pals! Because I am so gentle and cheerful, I never spit like some of my llama cousins, I am in great demand.

If any of my visitors happens to offer me a nice juicy carrot (my favourites are baby carrots), they will be rewarded with my happy voice! A music lover will notice that, when I am most happy, I will hum in A flat. Many say that I have it mastered.

I have a very important role at the Sanctuary. As with many of my cousins, I am a loyal protector and watch over my friends here at Big Sky Ranch. With spring on its way, please accept my invitation to come out for a visit. If you check with the volunteers first, you may be allowed to bring me baby carrots. It’s possible I may even break into my ‘happy voice’ – just for you! Perhaps some of my animal friends here would accept baby carrots too. But it is always best to ask first. You can read up on many of us at You can see how to help us out by donating or volunteering. Hope to see you soon!


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