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Last week, the fence surrounding the tennis courts in Riverside Park was heavily damaged on one side when a light standard fell on it. Given recent incidents of vandalism in the Kemptville area, it was feared that this was another example of idiots destroying even more of the community’s facilities. However, Mark Guy, Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture for the Municipality of North Grenville has assured residents that “the pole broke off due to natural elements”.

On June 2, the Times reported on our Facebook page that vandals had, once again, caused pointless damage in downtown Kemptville, when they dumped the flowers out of the flower boxes on the Prescott Street bridge into the creek. Don Munz and Pat Babin (and others) put in a lot of time to fill these beds with soil, fertilizer and flowers. However, with Tina Goode supplying the hands (and heart) and Pioneer Nursery supplying the materials, the flower boxes were quickly refilled, and the damage caused by the few was healed by the kindness of many.

In another incident, the display signs along the Kinder Trail in the Ferguson Forest Centre were destroyed. These mindless, immature idiots who carry out these acts of vandalism are attacking our community and its expressions of inclusion and civic pride. Anyone who knows anything about these incidents should report what they know to the OPP.


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