Creative way to support laid off servers


With all our bars and restaurants closed for the duration, except in some cases for take-out, the many people who depend on tips from grateful diners are losing a great deal of their regular income. Very often, tips can form the largest part of the weekly income for people working in the hospitality industry.

One man in Merrickville has come up with a very creative way to help out. Rod Baird works in the family business, B. Baird Water Conditioning, and has done so for fifteen years now. But, like so many of us, at one time Rod worked in the kitchens of a number of pubs and restaurants when he was younger, before moving in to front of house work as a bartender in Merrickville, and he vividly remembers how important those tips from customers were to his income.

“I remember the tightrope trying to make ends meet, in what were mostly seasonal businesses”, he explained to me. “This type of event worldwide, will hit those who’s majority of income is based on tips, particularly hard. We and many local friends and many youth in the village, have worked in the local restaurants. For some it’s their first job, others stay on for years at local pubs.”

With that experience in mind, Rod came up with the idea of the at-home “tip jar”. It’s a very simple idea: “I thought passing around the “tip jar” would be a good fundraiser for those folks. I created a Facebook fundraiser, where those that are drinking at home, could “leave a tip” online. Moneys to go to their local servers & kitchen workers, who aren’t working at this time.”

The idea is to raise $100 for each and every such worker in the Village of Merrickville, which would amount to around $3,300. Rod admits that this is an ambitious target, “but I thought I’d better shoot high” .

So, if you are regular at one or more of the local pubs and restaurants, perhaps you know someone who serves you there, or perhaps you can think of the often anonymous workers who prepare and cook your meal in the kitchens. Rod would like you to start a tip jar in your home, and every time you or your family members have a drink, drop a proper tip into the jar. Once you’ve collected a bit, send it on to Rod’s dedicated Facebook page at: 478767145562226/?fundrais- er_source=external_url.

Or you can send the money by e-transfer to [email protected], and make this note in the e-transfer: TIPS.

Rod can’t give out charitable receipts, as the money goes directly to the workers, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from remembering the people who take care of you on your excursions to the pub or restaurant.

Help Rod meet his targets in this creative, and rather enjoyable, way of supporting them at this time.


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