COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for Businesses and Workplaces


from the Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit

Protecting Staff and Visitors

As businesses re-open, it is essential for business owners to conduct a risk assessment and to apply a combination of infection prevention and control practices as appropriate for your workplace. There are several practices that can be put in place to ensure a safer workplace environment that protects and prevents against infection. It is important to remember that some practices are more effective than others, as depicted in the hierarchy of controls below. From most effective to least effective, the recommended practices are:

  • Limit in person contact (e.g., work from home, use virtual services)
  • Change the Physical Environment (e.g., barriers, physical distancing markers in lineups, hand hygiene stations)
  • Introduce Administrative Protocols (e.g., screening, policies, staff training and education)
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (e.g., gloves, masks)


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