COVID-19 – Poem against domestic abuse


by Brenda Coucheir, April 10 2020

Dear mommy, I know today you’re very stressed
With certainty we’re no longer blessed,
But please don’t project your fears upon me,
Don’t get angry, that is my plea.
With mortgage payments that are due,
rents lurking and bills in queue,
I know these are scary times,
Life ‘s no longer in its primes.

Dear daddy, for everything there is a solution,
Even amidst all this confusion,
but don’t turn this on your family,
beatings won’t solve this anomaly.
I still need your love and attention,
Even in these times of detention,
We’re all cooped up in this together,
This storm as well, we can weather.
Let’s all stay strong,
Fight this thing, head on
Better times are bound to follow
Be my hero, not my sorrow.


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