Mayor Peckford and other dignitaries attend a sign unveiling for the County Road 43 expansion project in the spring of 2022.

Whether or not you’re a resident of Kemptville, it’s likely that you have a reason from time-to-time to travel along the stretch of County Road 43 that runs through town. It is no secret that there is a plan to widen part of the in-town portion of the road. With plans for the project announced last year, some residents are starting to ask – “when?”

Although the project is confirmed, there are two reasons why the road widening has not yet begun. One is that the tender has not yet been issued. The other is that the bridge over the Creek will be replaced before the road widening can begin. 

“We expect the tender for bridge and road expansion to be issued by May 2023,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford. “If all goes well and the award is granted, construction of a new bridge will begin between mid summer and late fall. At this stage, a new bridge will be built before the old one is demolished.”

That leaves the question – when can motorists expect the road to be widened? The Mayor had an answer for that as well. “In 2024 and 2025, the 43 road expansion will also be undertaken,” she said. 

Traffic on County Road 43 can be quite congested at peak times of the day, with delays just to drive the relatively short stretch from one end of town to the other. Vehicles trying to turn onto County Road 43 during peak times also face quite a challenge in finding a safe gap in the traffic. This is why a section of the road will be widened with extra lanes, a project that was years in the making before finally being confirmed in April of 2022. 

Mayor Peckford advised that an update will be provided once the tender for the job is awarded. 



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