Counties correct budget information


Please be advised there were errors in the previously circulated media release with respect to the 2022 Budget. The figures in the attached media release should be used instead.

Counties Council Approves 2022 Budget: The Council for the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville has voted to approve the 2022 budget with a 2.14% tax rate increase over 2021. The United Counties will collect $43.2-million from property taxpayers this year. The approved budget provides for total expenditures of $108.5-million. Capital accounts for $54.7-million.

“The 2022 Budget is a step toward building solid asset and financial planning that will prioritize infrastructure investment,” said Counties Chief Administrative Officer Ray Callery. “The budget increase focuses on affordable housing, paramedic service response and transportation infrastructure,” he said. “These advancements will be delivered with a greater awareness of accessibility, communication and climate change challenges to position the Counties to support sustainable community growth and development,” added Mr. Callery.

The Province-wide assessment did not occur again in 2022. The average residential property, not on waterfront, in Leeds and Grenville, is assessed at $215,000. The approved budget will increase the Counties’ taxes on the average residential property by $18.99.

“With the hard work of staff, Counties Council has been able to approve a 2022 Budget that reflects the financial challenges of a post COVID-19 economy,” said Warden Roger Haley. “It increases the ability of future Councils to ensure that infrastructure needs can be achievable. Facing a possible double digit increase in taxation, I am very pleased at the level of cooperation amongst elected officials to finalize a fiscally prudent and responsible budget,” the Warden said. 


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