Council supports North Grenville Active School Travel Charter


North Grenville Council has thrown its support behind the North Grenville Active School Travel Charter, created by the municipality in partnership with Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit. The Charter serves to guide a long-term commitment to providing support, resources and education towards active and sustainable school transportation in North Grenville.

According to the document, active school travel, which consists of using human-powered forms of transportation to and from school, provides many benefits. By committing to making communities and schools more walkable and bikeable, it will enhance learning and the physical mental, and social well-being of our children, create safer school zones, and reduce pollution in the community.

By supporting the Charter, council has made the commitment to play an active role in the implementation of its principles, which include equity to ensure all residents have the opportunity to engage in active and safe travel, community and street design, creating a culture of active and sustainable transportation, and contributing to a partnership, collaboration and shared responsibility when it comes to active school travel.

“Over the summer, the convening group looking at active transportation expansion opportunities in our community, underscored how helpful it would be if this was something that they could have adopted by the municipality,” Mayor Nancy Peckford said at the council meeting. “This working group is making any and all efforts to ensure that this municipality works with the school bus companies, and many other partners, to remove barriers, to remove obstacles, and to create opportunity. I think the Charter is very well conceived.”

By adopting the charter, Council is also supporting a project called “Active School Travel – The North Grenville Way”, the aim of which is to support the goals presented in the North Grenville Active School Charter. The project was launched earlier this week at the North Grenville Municipal Centre, and is being funded by Green Communities Canada and the Government of Ontario.


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