Council remuneration and expenses released


by David Shanahan

The Municipality of North Grenville has released an accounting for Council remuneration and expenses for the past year. Section 284 of the Municipal Act requires the treasurer of a municipality to provide to Council each year, on or before March 31, an itemized statement on remuneration and expenses paid in the previous year. Councillors receive an honorarium each year, and are paid for expenses related to their duties as members of Council.

As the current Council only took office in December, 2018, the account mostly covers the previous Council, all of whom were defeated in the municipal election of 2018. Each member of Council, aside from the Mayor, was paid a set amount of $18,056.72 as an honorarium. David Gordon, as Mayor, received $30,093.12, reflecting the extra work undertaken by a mayor at the United Counties level, among other duties.

In terms of benefits, David Gordon received $1,434.76, Barb Tobin $795.56, Jim Bertram $352.11, Donovan Arnaud $1,286.83, and Frank Onasanya $1,878.99. Barb Tobin also received $175 to cover “Community Functions”. No other member of Council received funds under that heading.

In total, between the two Councils, old and new, it cost the taxpayers of North Grenville just $124,078.13 in 2018. I think most residents would feel this is a very reasonable amount, given the salaries of municipal staff.


  1. Don’t forget the mayor receives approximately 25000 plus travel expenses from the county. Total for the mayor around 50k. While I was mayor I’m not sure of today’s figures but rest assured count council is a paid activity.


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