Council closes with more closed meetings


The out-going municipal council is winding things up after losing their places, and it seems they are saying goodbye with a series of closed meetings, their favourite kind. These closed meetings are to approve the Minutes of previous closed meetings. On November 26, they met to approve the minutes of the closed Committee of the Whole meetings held on June18, August 13, September 4 and October 1, 2018. Then they met to approve the Minutes of the closed Council meetings of September 17, November 5 and 19, 2018.

There are, of course, good reasons why meetings are closed to the public, and these are set out in the Municipal Act, Sec. 239 (2). But it always seemed that this out-going council were not as out-going as they might have been, and were too fond of meeting alone in their bubble. The new in-coming council contains members who know all too well how closed meetings can be frustrating and it is to be hoped that they will ensure that these private conclaves will be as rare as it is possible to be in the future.


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