Council asked to clarify the name of Maplewood Park


It was reported in this newspaper in the May 9 issue that the Municipality of North Grenville had erected a new sign at Maplewood Park in Oxford Mills which incorrectly gave it the name “Oxford Mills Park”. Although a previous sign had also given the wrong name to the park, it had been hoped that the new sign would correct the error. Unfortunately, it did not, in spite of the fact that the municipality’s own web site listed the area as Maplewood Park.

The Oxford Mills Community Association wrote a letter to Council on June 12, which was officially received the same day, asking them to officially name the park “Maplewood Park”, and to encourage municipal staff to actively consult with local community groups in future and “to more actively promote staff to work cooperatively with community groups and residents”.

The letter was finally brought before Council last week, at the July 9 meeting and was “Received for Council consideration”. The Community Association had asked in their letter that Council inform them how to proceed in getting the name on the sign changed. After waiting a month to have their letter “received”, they now look forward to receiving a positive response in the near future.


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