Continuing with the multi-artist North Grenville Arts Guild project


The co-operative canvas project by the NGAG is going strong. This is the third painting in a series of ten that were jointly created by Guild members with the express purpose of auctioning them to support outreach programs of The North Grenville Public Library. The following artists contributed to this painting: Lisa Mackinley, Caroline Marshall, Ann Gruchy, Tammy Keith, Leahbeth Harding and Rose David.

Lisa Mackinley was the first artist to begin the canvass.  “I kept the colours close to a landscape vibe with wispy strokes of wind. A scent of  ‘story books’. It seems to have turned out this way.”

Next the painting was sent to Caroline Marshall who noted the wavy background. She said, “an image of a castle on an island came to mind and so I painted that image.”

The third artist, Ann Gruchy, said that when she received the canvass it had, “ a blue ambiguous background with a castle up high in the distance.  I added some waves and the red dory.  I wasn’t sure how things would go from there.  It sort of felt like a fairy tale story.”

Barb Buchanan said she added flowing drips of ” Liquid Glass ” to the waves to give it a little shine.  

Then Tammy Keith received the painting and, “Right away I could see Nessie (Loch Ness Monster) in this piece. The challenge was getting up the nerve to actually paint it. I thank and credit members of the Guild for their encouragement. I also added a little area of Heather (mauve) to the island landscape.”

Leahbeth Harding was the fifth artist to receive the work and noted that the canvass had beautiful features already painted in, such as the Castle on the island, the red boat with a man rowing, and the Loch Ness monster.  “I couldn’t yet see a definite horizon line, so I added that, and then added a stormy look to the Loch, as they are generally very dark and deep. I also added some spray around Nessie and more around the boat. I really like the atmosphere in this piece.”

Finally the last artist, Rose David went to work to add her touches to the painting.  “As the last to work on this painting, I felt there was some peril in the composition. To add to that,  I painted the pirate ship bearing down upon the small boat.”

Please stay tuned in the coming weeks to see all of the canvas’, and for news about the upcoming auction. Also, please visit the NGAG site on facebook for more about the project.


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