Community Day in Oxford Mills


by David Butler

At Crozier Park … proved to be a most interesting day,
You know that I can present my observations in a very poetic way,
But a little more, really should be said
Before I put that poem to bed.

Like, why away from the soccer fields, I fled
My legs, occasionally feeling half dead,
Encouraged me to find another way in – –
With a chair, notebook & umbrella to spin!

Eventually, a non-flashy, multi-coloured sign on a small post appeared,
Inviting community members to where the game and the music was cheered,
So, following the barely noted trail,
I came to an opening spot that did not fail …

To encourage me to watch the volleyball players in their game
While listening to “Rosewood’s instruments” exclaim
The beauty of their almost forgotten musical strums
While I’m hearing their joyful crumbs!

Meanwhile, for the moment, as my breath I’m catching
Their sound is wrapped up in what they sing
And a truly hurrying young lady wants to know from whence I came
As though I should fear that, like it’s my shame!

But in reality, her demand, of everyone who did attend
Was to determine the Community’s natural blend
And from me, more topics, we did discuss
Without causing a single fuss.


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