House of Lazarus (HOL) is challenging both amateur and professional builders to put their skill and creativity to the test. HOL is launching its Handyman Hero Challenge now, inviting teams to design and construct an 8’ by 8’ shed. It can be a garden shed, a utility shed, or even a children’s playhouse, but the shed must meet some pre-set design specifications. There is a height restriction of 10 feet. The base must be built using 2” by 8” pressure treated lumber. The walls should consist of 2” by 4” framing, and the exterior must be a finished shell. In addition, each shed must include a sign that is at least 12” by 12” in size, identifying the team or donor. Charitable receipts are available for teams who bring in their receipts for shed materials.

The deadline is August 1. All sheds must be delivered to HOL on or by this date. The winner will be determined by People’s Choice and the prize has yet to be set. Each shed will be auctioned online, beginning at 9 a.m. August 10 and ending at noon on October 1.

This event was created to raise funds for HOL’s Handyman Heroes initiative. This project involves licensed tradespeople volunteering their time to help at-risk families, using their skills in construction, home repair, or vehicle maintenance and repair. The volunteer tradespeople provide free labour, while HOL provides the needed materials.

“During the last year, this program has replaced a roof, put brakes and tires on a van, extended a heat run, and added foam insulation to keep pipes from freezing, and replaced an exterior door,” HOL Executive Director, Cathy Ashby, said. “In the near future, we will be installing flooring, replacing windows, replacing another roof, and repairing a roof.”

For more information, or to register a team, please contact Cathy Ashby at, or by phone at 613-989-3830.


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