The Communities in Bloom judges helped plant an Autumn Blaze Maple tree outside the Merrickville Public Library last Wednesday. This was the end of their tour of the Municipality, which judge Lucy Chang said was very detailed and well organized. “We saw a wide section of Merrickville-Wolford,” she said.

The tree planting was to demonstrate the Village’s commitment to urban forestry and the natural environment, one of the components the judges were evaluating as they toured around the Municipality. The Village currently has a line item in their budget for planting trees in the urban area of Merrickville and the hamlets.

Merrickville-Wolford in Bloom chair, Hope W. Gray, says they chose the Autumn Blaze Maple because it is hardy and fast-growing. She says tree planting in the Municipality is an important focus, as many of the trees are being affected by the emerald ash borer. “It’s important to be proactive,” she said.


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