Committee of the Whole Meeting highlights


Kemptville District Community Association – Canada Day 2020

The Kemptville District Community Association presented to Council and spoke to the success of the 2019 Canada Day events and partnerships. They are now planning for 2020 and beyond, and requested a four-year commitment of support from the municipality.

Council Remuneration Review

The Committee of the Whole discussed the recent market analysis of neighbouring municipalities of similar size that was conducted by the Gallagher Group regarding Council honouraria. The Gallagher Report found that the Municipality of North Grenville’s Council size is smaller than councils that serve similar municipalities of comparable population in Eastern Ontario. The market analysis indicates that the base pay remuneration for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor is below the median. The Committee discussed the possibility of establishing an independent citizen-led Council Remuneration Working Group to review the Gallagher Report and propose recommendations regarding possible changes to Council Remuneration. Terms of reference for a working group will be brought forward to a future meeting for discussion.

North Grenville Curling Club – New Electrical Panel

The Committee of the Whole recommended to Council that $12,000 be transferred from the Curling Club Capital Reserve Account to the North Grenville Curling Club Executive for the installation of a new Motor Control Electrical Panel for the Curling Club’s refrigeration system. In addition, it recommended that the Curling Club Executive’s 2019 annual contribution of $10,000 to the Capital Reserve Account be withheld to be used to contribute to the payment for the installation of the electrical panel.

Budget Re-Allocation – Riverside Park Reserve

The Committee of the Whole recommended to Council that $9,650.20 from the Recreation Reserve be reallocated to a 2019 new Capital account line to assist the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department with preparing an application to the Community Culture and Recreation funding stream for Riverside Park Improvements.


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