The College – A Done Deal?


by Deron Johnston

It has come to our attention that the private sector has also expressed interest in the outright acquisition of the Kemptville College. In information exclusive to the North Grenville Times, we have learned that a local firm, representing investors who manage a “humanitarian” fund have made representations to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister Jeff Leal to purchase the entire site. They even included lands located in Winchester, even though these are not part of the college purchase.

In their latest letter to Minister Leal, the principals of the firm congratulated him on the negotiation of an agreement in principle with the Municipality of North Grenville on the acquisition of the former College of Agricultural Technology (KCAT). They also let him know that, if the conditions of the agreement were not met, for whatever reason, they would still be interested in moving forward with a purchase of the site.

The letter also states that: “while we remain open to other options that may be available, we believe that an outright purchase of the entire site by the private sector would benefit all parties, i.e. the Province, our consortium of companies and particularly, the Municipality. With the financial capital to develop, maintain, and operate the site, we feel that our prevailing interest in the fusion of agricultural practices with those of environmental humanitarian stewardship would bring new business, employment and credibility to the North Grenville community and to the government of Premier Wynne”. This company has stated its desire to install an agri-environmental research facility on the site of the old college, aimed at testing new technologies in farming with an emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices.

We have learned that the monies available for the purchase of the site come from an international humanitarian fund dedicated to the development of such projects as that of the Kemptville College all over the world. As such, one of the uses of the college proposed for the college would be to provide training and development to foreign students in sustainable agricultural practices.

The firm interested in purchasing the college states that the funds needed are still available. They further state that they would appreciate knowing as soon as possible if they should sustain their current interest or look elsewhere. Their “initial desire” is to assume management of the site by April 1, 2018, in order to get their projects underway.


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