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Children at a daycare in Kemptville have come together to make pillowcases, hats and blankets for children at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

Paula Kimball works at More Than Just Babysitting’s main site in Kemptville. She says it was one of the children, Brooke Derosz, who came up with the idea of making things for children at CHEO. “She was telling me about a girl at school who was knitting baby hats and she asked me to get more information about how she could get involved,” Paula says.

Paula went online and found out that there were several different items that they could knit and sew for kids at CHEO. Brooke ran with the idea and made a list of the projects they could undertake. Her friend Melanie Trudeau joined in and together they enlisted other students at the daycare to help. Paula says they had nine or ten children from ages 6 to 8 years working on the projects while they were at the daycare, before and after school and on holidays. Over the past year, they have made 3 baby hats, 17 pillowcases and 1 blanket for sick children. The kids learned how to knit, make a pattern and measure out fabric. They learned the entire process.

“The initiative really united the children at the daycare as they joined together to help kids their age in need. They were very curious to learning about the children at CHEO, and working on the project opened the door to all sorts of interesting conversations around the table. It’s been a great project for the children, I was very proud of them,” Paula added.

The kids enjoyed helping others so much that they want to do more to help in the community. Paula says they are going to sit down and brainstorm how they can continue to give back. “We want to keep going with what Brooke started,” she says.


  1. We are so proud of our granddaughter. Brooke is always willing to help with such a big heart. We love her.


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