Changes to Clinical Services at WDMH


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, Winchester District Memorial Hospital is taking further measures to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff. In line with guidance from the Ministry of Health, WDMH is reducing the number of non-urgent tests, procedures and surgeries.

Urgent care, such as Emergency Department services and cancer care, will continue to be provided. Examples of services that will be postponed include ambulatory clinics, scopes and minor surgical procedures in the operating room, and non-essential diagnostic imaging procedures.

“We are responding to this directive in a safe and appropriate manner,” notes Cholly Boland, CEO.

“Physicians at WDMH are reviewing each patient’s situation to ensure we reduce elective procedures and nonemergency services through a phased approach,” adds Dr. Brian Devin, Chief of Staff.

Tests, procedures and surgeries to be postponed will be selected on a set of clear criteria to carefully consider the healthcare needs of patients while maintaining their safety. Hospital and physician office staff are in the process of notifying patients and will ensure that they have all the information they need regarding their care.

Reducing non-urgent care ensures that we are ready to take on potential COVID-19 cases, as the situation continues to evolve.


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