Chamber exploits local business


You may have noticed the recent North Grenville guide put out by the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce and Metroland Media (aka the Kemptville Advance). The cover features a very impressive photograph of fire works behind Prescott Street, and it is one that may be familiar from when it appeared in the Times a few years ago. While it is nice to see the work of a local photography studio, Mike&Ness Photography, used in such a context, it is a pity that neither the Chamber nor Metroland bothered to credit the photographer, or, indeed, ask their permission to use the shot, which they used a second time inside the publication.

The printers, Metroland Media, bought out the old Kemptville Advance some years ago, and it no longer has a presence in North Grenville. Nevertheless, the Chamber of Commerce chose to deal with them instead of local businesses, and have now co-operated with Metroland in exploiting the work of a local entrepreneur without their knowledge. The Chamber Board contains individuals who do not live and/or work primarily in this community, and has a record of refusing to work with the Kemptville BIA in developing downtown Kemptville business.

It is expected that the owner of the image used in the publication will be recompensed, now that they have become aware of the issue. Other businesses may wish to check their content also. In checking the Local History section of the publication, it was found to be unchanged from the past two years, and contains out of date information and inaccurate history. An example would be that the Mapleqood Hall has not been “managed by the Oxford Mills Community Association” for a number of years. And if Metroland had been reading their own paper, they would have known that Maplewood Park no longer contains “a small gazebo”. Had they actually consulted the North Grenville Historical Society, they might have been able to provide accurate information.

Metroland make a good revenue from advertisers in the Guide. The Chamber may not make much, but their association with it has not reflected well on an organisation supposedly committed to supporting local businesses.


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