The family of Harry Pratt has issued the following:

Over the past days we have heard Harry referred to as many things: ambassador, mentor, friend, hero – to us he was all of these things, he was also a loving husband, father, daddy and grandfather. To many others he was Uncle Harry, who could always be depended on for a smile, a joke, advice and maybe a donation to the piggy bank. He has forged strong relationships with so many in this community who we know mourn his loss as much as we do. To Harry, family was everything; be this blood relatives, or the larger family he chose for himself.

In the past few days, we have really seen how much Harry meant to so many of you. We are honoured to have shared him with this wonderful community. We have also seen the type of generosity that Harry showed the community, returned to us, in kind.

He was a champion for the “little guy,” be this giving someone a wave or a hug, every person in his life was significant, he never discriminated and always looked out for others sometimes forgetting himself, giving someone needing a few extra bucks to get by, or helping the Kemptville District Hospital to expand, in order to survive and serve the community. To him, these were things he did without a second thought and lessons he had learned from his parents and grandfather, and which he passed down to his children. Our sincere wish is that everyone remembers a time that Harry did that little thing that may have impacted their life, and find a way to pass it on.

To honour Harry, the Pratt family are pleased to invite members of our greater community to gather for a celebration of Harry’s life:

December 20, 2015
Visitation with Family: 1-2:15
Celebration: 2:30-4
Location: Equinelle Golf Course Club House

Donations may be made to either:
Kemptville District Hospital Foundation
Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre


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