Jones Building, Clothier and Sanders Streets, Kemptville

This building has a long and varied history. It was built by Francis Jones, a teacher and land surveyor whose family had moved here...

Grahame’s Bakery

Grahame’s Bakery was originally the site of a house built by Asa Clothier in the 1820's, and was at the centre of what was...

The Settlement that passed us by: Part 5 – Settling the land

Although Oxford Township, and later Wolford also, were originally chosen as the site for the Military Settlement planned by the Crown after the War...

Riverside Park, 1908

In 1902, the Kemptville Council bought Riverside Park from the Bottom family, who had owned it for decades. It was decided that the Village...

Merrickville’s lost legacy

The Anglican Church in Canada has had many publications through which it communicated with members of the communion and the outside world. In the...

William Tutin Thomas, Architect of St. James

by Doug MacDonald A few years ago, Dr. George Fisher mentioned that St. James Anglican Church, Kemptville, had been designed by an architect of importance....

Robert Leslie: Pioneer public servant

by Doug Macdonald The signature of Robert Leslie can be found on thousands of documents from Oxford Township and the village of Kemptville between the...

Asa Street after the 1910 fire

Kemptville has been plagued by serious fires throughout its history, and the corner of Prescott and Asa streets has been the source of some...

Hang together – or hang separately

It is said that the thought of being executed in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully. The outbreak of the American Civil War in...

Silas Huntington: Apostle of the North

North Grenville has never been short of colourful characters throughout its history, but Silas Huntington must rank as one of the most colourful of...
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