A quiet green spot in Kemptville

As so often in North Grenville, some of the more interesting and historic locations are now empty sites where once there stood the earliest...

Emergency War Classes for women at Kemptville School

In 1941, women in the area were encouraged to apply for special Emergency War Classes being offered by the Kemptville Board of Education. But,...

Clothier Hotel, 9 Water Street, Oxford Mills

Here is a building that no-one but older residents from Oxford Mills will recognise. It was constructed c 1835 of timber frame and served...

The Story of Confederation 6

By the end of 1863, the prospects for a union of all the British North American colonies were not looking good. The sudden refusal...

Roads to nowhere

Early in 1863, British Americans were still recovering from the effects of the Trent affair. The British Empire had almost been drawn into a...

Leslie Hall

Leslie Hall has served the community for over one hundred and ten years, opening its doors to the most varied collection of activities one...

Losers weepers – The Law of Nations

The Doctrine of Discovery provided the monarchs of Europe with a very questionable justification for claiming the territories inhabited by non-Europeans between the fifteenth...

The settlement that passed us by: Part 4

As the War of 1812 was ending, steps were taken to bring in immigrants and disbanded soldiers to the Rideau area to form a...

Remembering farmers past

With the help of Kemptville Players, local students and a farm animal, Kemptville College was able to put together this historical farm picture at the College during the summer of...

It was 20 years ago today…

Societies have always seen natural phenomena as portents, signs of good or ill, marking some major historic event. If that’s the case, then the...
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